Money Vs Happiness
June 3, 2021

"Make money and you'll be happy," or "money isn't a criterion for happiness." We've all heard these things, but how much truth do they contain? For example, you will discover that there are people who have everything we could ever want (I am referring to materialistic items here) but are still unhappy, cursing life, and their lives lead them to sadness and constant tension.

  • why does this thing happen in life?
  • aren't we told that money is going to solve the problem?
  • what is the reality of happiness?
  • what about the people who say that money is not a criterion to be happy?

why does this thing happen in life?

this phase of depression comes when we focus more on one thing instead of moving on with a balanced life. for example, if I am making a lot of money but I am not focusing on my health or I am not focusing on my social relations, I will not be able to live a happy life. why? because the life that I am living is focusing on one thing which is money.

aren't we told that money is going to solve the problem?

according to me: money does solve a lot of problems and if you have money, you are not going to be focusing on the things that you want because when you are having the money you can easily get them, so there is one less diversion for the mind, but I think that balance is a must in life, like I should not bound my happiness around money because if that will be the case then I am going to feel sad when I will not be having money or I will be getting anxiety attacks because my wealth is depreciating or I am having a competition with others of who is going to be rich. that's stupid according to me, it just you are making more ways of getting yourself exhausted.

The word "desire" is a very positive word as well as a very negative word, if I have a desire to be rich that's not a wrong thing to have, but that should not make me divert from the things I love to do.

just do what you love to, and wealth will come as a byproduct.

so don't destroy your present by constantly panicking about how do I get rich. give your 100 percent today and in the coming future, you will be out there making yourself a good fortune

also if am having desires which are influenced by other people that is a wrong thing. for example "I want the latest model of iPhone because my friend also got it". that is bad.

I love this quotation from Epicurus (Famous Stoic Philosopher):

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."

what is the reality of happiness?

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."

this quote inspires me a lot it is said by Greatest Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

the happiness that you want in life is always inside your mind, what you did is that you tried to find happiness in other people, objects and what not but you forget to look inside you, you forget to look what changes you can bring to the world, you forget to love yourself.

what about the people who say that money is not a criterion to be happy?

money is a criterion to be happy that's my belief, let me give you one example if a relative of mine is sick and we were not able to pay off the bills for them because we were broke, so that guilt is going to stay with me, that if I was having money I would have saved them.

there are 100's of examples I can give where money can be the source of happiness, but it alls comes to a limit. if I am going to be greedy and hungry for money that is not going to make me happy.

you need money to solve your money problem, as long as you are doing that you are going to be a happy person.

-Ansub Khan