Struggle has the power to boost your life
June 4, 2021

struggles actually have the power to boost your life and make you the successful person that you want to become. but the fact is that no one likes to suffer from situations, like why should I get up from my bed and do the things that needs hard work to do.

but that's what struggle is about. the struggle is going to refine you as you are going to be having a great learning experience from it, also you are going to be more grateful when you will achieve the success plus there will be no guilt left as you will have that feeling that ok at least i tried.

now think of it like this, if you are born in rich family then what have you struggled for? nothing. your only story to tell people is the story that "i am born in a rich family" whereas when you are struggling for what you want to become you you only have stories full of struggles to tell.

and people will appreciate it. you only have one life so grind hard and make the trip of your life worth it. get your hands dirty in the things that you love and get with the flow. you will appreciate your struggle in the end. I love the quotation from Napolean Hill where he says.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle

-Ansub Khan